Radon Mitigation Photo Gallery

Please browse through the Radon Mitigation Photo Gallery! You will see a few photos to illustrate our Radon mitigation systems. Many of these images are of our sub slab depressurization systems, which are where systems are hidden inside the home, and we do this whenever possible. All shelves and carpeting are reinstalled after system is complete. There are cases where outdoor and garage routing are the only options, but we aim to have them looking clean as possible to not be an eyesore.

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After browsing the Gallery please reach out to us and let’s get you scheduled for your free estimate and free Testing Kit. Either give us a call at (208) 770-9684 or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

“The guy who came out did an awesome job, was very polite, and had a lot of knowledge of his career. Very happy with the work. Would highly recommend them. They got me on the schedule quickly couldn’t be more happier. Thanks”

Kenny Debaene

Local Homeowner

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