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About Radon and Radon Solutions NW

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon gas is inert, colorless and odorless. Unfortunately, our area has some of the highest radon levels in the country with a small percentage of homes in a range that the EPA deems unsafe. These risks are based on long term exposure.

Radon Solutions NW is the solution to your Radon problem. We have years of experience installing radon mitigation systems. Your Radon Solutions NW radon mitigation system will quickly and quietly reduce the risk of lung cancer to you and your family leaving you free to enjoy your home without worry.

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Free mitigation test kit for our customers
testing process

Free Test Kit for Radon

Radon Solutions NW provides a free Air Chek radon kit for our customers. This is a reliable radon test kit you can depend on with over 4 million sold. There are no hidden lab or mailer fees.

The test kit contains granular activated charcoal, which absorbs the radon gas entering the kit from the surrounding air. At the end of the test period (3 to 7 days), the kit is sent to the lab in the pre-paid mailer for analysis. The EPA recommends fixing a home if the radon level is 4 PCI/L or more. If your home comes in above this number, we will give you a free estimate on the cost to mitigate the Radon in your home.

Mitigation Overview

Mitigate Radon with Radon Solutions NW

After Radon Solutions NW installs your guaranteed Radon mitigation system you will see immediate results. Typically levels are brought below 4 Pci/L within the first week post mitigation and you will see results in the first 48 hours!

Our specialized Radon mitigation system conforms to all EPA guidelines. Once in place you can expect the system to function for the life of the home with the exception of the fan. Fans have a manufactures warranty of 5 years and often last more than 15 years. No other maintenance is required.

radon mitigation system from Radon Solutions NW
Radon Solutions NW submembrane depressurization
sub-membrane depressurization
sub-membrane depressurization
Mitigation Process


If your home has a crawlspace (concrete foundations—basements and slab on grade), Radon Solutions NW will utilize a sub-membrane depressurization system.

A 4″ perforated pipe is laid into the crawlspace so each footing is breached. The area is covered with a 6 mil plastic vapor barrier that is caulked along the foundation/footings.

Mitigation Process


If your home sits on a slab, Radon Solutions NW will utilize a sub slab depressurization system.

A 5″ perforated is core drilled into the slab of lowest elevation. Soil is excavated until diagnostic testing determines communication under the slab has been achieved.

Mechanical and unfinished areas are our preferred location for sump locations.

Radon Solutions NW sub slab depressurization
Radon Solutions NW sub slab depressurization
Radon Solutions NW sub slab depressurization
Radon Solutions NW sub slab depressurization
Routing Radon Gas

Routing Options

Radon Solutions NW will try and find the least intrusive route through your home for the suction pipe and we’ll utilize black pipe through the roof to match other exhaust pipes.

If we are routing through your garage, we will use firecollars to maintain the integrity and fire insulating rating.

routed thru the closet
routed thru the garage
routed outside
routed pipe closeup
rooftop pipe

Helpful information from the EPA

5 star reviews

Brandi and her team at Radon Solutions NW were awesome! After getting a couple of quotes from Radon mitigation companies we decided to go with Radon Solutions because the price was better than the competition and Brandi was far more professional than the other group. Brandi was informative through the whole process and everything was done clean and timely. I have already recommended them to 3 friends!

Jed Hinkins

I was extremely impressed with the owner Brandi and her installer John! Radon Solutions has the old school work ethic and morals mentality! Very honest and exceptional pricing. I was impressed with the fact that Brandi was able to give me an estimate on a Thursday & the installer John was out here the following Tuesday … after a 3 Day weekend ! Kudos.

Brandi and John were very professional & considerate. They both took time to really listen to my questions and answered them! Quit the educational experience;-)

I would highly recommend Radon Solutions Northwest especially if you’re looking for high-quality radon company who is honest, timely, clean, efficient, professional and extremely competitive pricing!

Shellee Slaten

Brandi and her team (thanks John) are awesome professionals to work with and really know their stuff. They have a people aspect to their relations with customers that is very much appreciated. They will look after your mitigation needs and price very fairly, above and beyond other companies. Thanks again!

Liis Todd
Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very satisfied with the result. Showed up early and got started on the install. Install was done very professionally and in a timely manner. Very good people to work with and very thorough. They 100% stand behind what they do. Work definitely recommend them for all your radon needs??

Ryan Jabaay

We hired Radon Solutions Northwest to fix a botched radon mitigation system installed in our home by Premier Basement Systems. Brandi was professional, kind, helpful, and really knows her stuff. She quickly identified all of the problems with our system and had it fixed right away. As soon as Radon Solutions Northwest finished the job our radon levels dropped to below 1 pCi/L consistently. Thank you to this great business!

Erika Eidson

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“The guy who came out did an awesome job, was very polite, and had a lot of knowledge of his career. Very happy with the work. Would highly recommend them. They got me on the schedule quickly couldn’t be more happier. Thanks”

Kenny Debaene

Local Homeowner

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